Monday, November 22, 2010

Chicken- Spinach - Feta Lasagna - By Paula and Jonny!!!

Click HERE to see the recipe that we used.

This was delicious!!! I made one mistake. I mixed all the cheeses in with the spinach. I was supposed to leave the feta out for the top layer. Instead of a plain layer of feta we had another layer of the cheese and spinach mixture. We also added some mozzarella to the top. We might increase the amount of spinach next time and try using fresh spinach as opposed to frozen. We could also reduce the amount of cheese... maybe. I liked the cheesey goodness!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Slowcooker Chicken Curry

I am trying this today. I will let you know how it turns out.. and put up a picture!
I forgot to take a pic.. I just gobbled! It was really good. I used baby potatoes instead of onion. I turned the slow cooker to warm before yoga and added in fresh broccoli. I also started the brown rice in the rice cooker then. I used flour to whisk into some of the juice at the end and it did make it thicker.

One problem: I had an itchy forehead, eyes, and nose after. I don't know - could be the new seasoning salt or the chili powder. I haven't had either of those things before. I should check the ingredients of those two things. OR.. it could be all the chlorine from Sam's pool that I was sweating out at yoga... I guess I will find out tonight when I eat it again.