Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nasi Goreng

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If you want to get the recipe that I used to make my Nasi Goreng! (Indonesian Fried Rice)

Yay! I made food again!! I made brown rice in the cooker on Monday before I went to dance. Then, when I came home I threw it in the fridge. (You have to use cold rice to make fried rice) Today, Wednesday, I skipped yoga and went to the Asian market upstairs at Seymour and Robson. I was trying to find oyster sauce and kecep manis - sweet soy sauce and after Googling a picture I found them! I like that grocery store.

I made some changes to the recipe. I didn't use onions - just cause I am not a huge fan. I added some frozen peas. I didn't use salt and pepper. I didn't have tomato ketchup so I didn't add that. I fried an egg for on top and I squeezed cock sauce all over it. (It was actually a bit clogged at the top and I squirt it all over my sweat pants and my arm!)

Here is the picture of my Nasi Goreng: