Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Auntie Mary's Irish Stew

Auntie Mary was good enough to send her recipe for Irish stew! This recipe fills the crock pot!! Really fills it!! (We even googled... can crock pots boil didn't.. phew!!) Thanks for sharing a family recipe Auntie Mary!!
Here are the list of ingredients from Auntie Mary's e-mail:
This stew ain't got nothing on Auntie Mary's stew!!
I told ya it was FULL!
After all day cooking!!

Signapore Noodles

Jonny found an awesome new blog for cooking - this one is called Budget Bytes. Here is the recipe that we followed: Click HERE

The Singapore noodles at the Yaletown Brew Pub inspired us to try and make our own.
Here is the picture of the ingrediants I took shopping with us:
Here are our ingredients all chopped up:
Jonny had a wok and a frying pan going!
Mmmm... I really like these noodles :-D
OK.. it doesn't look too good in this picture but it is one of our favourites!